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Wildlife Food Plot Mixtures + Seeds

Mixture percentages and varieties subject to change at any time.

Wildlife Food Plot Mixtures

High Racks Brand Wildlife Mixture

Protein Plus Rapeseed
White Clover
Alsike Clover
Medium Red Clover
Arrowleaf Clover
Ladino Clover
King Annual Ryegrass

Brassi Buck Brassica Mixture

70% Protein Plus Rapeseed
30% Turnips

Beasty Feast Mixture

20% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed
15% Pacer Forage Rapeseed
15% Bonar Rapeseed
15% Bayou Kale
15% Turnips
15% Daikon Radish
5% Sugar Beets

Horn A Plenty Mixture

20% Crimson Clover
20% Arrowleaf Clover
20% Italian Annual Ryegrass
20% Green Globe Turnips
20% Giant Rapeseed

Buckatomic Mixture

40% Radish
20% King Annual Ryegrass
20% Turnips
20% Giant Rapeseed

Clover Mixtures

All Clover Mixture

20% Medium Red Clover
20% White Clover
20% Ladino Clover
20% Alsike Clover
20% Arrowleaf Clover


Individual Seeds

Austrian Winter Pea
Ladino White Clover
White Dutch Clover
King Annual Ryegrass
Common Vetch
Crimson Clover
Grain Sorghum
Dwarf Essex Rapeseed
Hairy Vetch
Purple Top Turnip
Green Globe Turnip
Giant Rapeseed
Bonar Rapeseed
Daikon Radish
Sugar Beet-Uncoated
Pacer Forage