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Pasture Mixtures + Seeds

Mixture percentages and varieties subject to change at any time.

Pasture Mixtures

Upland Pasture Mix

67% Alfalfa
20% Red Clover
10% Timothy
3% Alsike Clover

Dual Pasture Mix

40% Alfalfa
40% Red Clover
15% Timothy
5% Alsike Clover

Hayland Pasture Mix

50% Timothy
38% Alfalfa
9% Red Clover
3% Alsike Clover

Lowland Pasture Mix

40% Timothy
40% Red Clover
18% Alsike
2% Ladino

All Grass Horse Mixture

10% Kentucky Bluegrass
20% K32 or Fawn Tall Fescue
20% Festulolium
15% Meadow Fescue
20% Timothy
15% Icon Orchardgrass


Yield Plus Brand* (30 DRI)
645 Brand* (28 DRI)
Epic Brand (25 DRI)
Creeping Alfalfa

* Multileaf Alfalfa
DRI = Disease Resistance Index


Smooth Bromegrass
Meadow Fescue
Icon Orchardgrass
500 Highway Mixture
German Millet
Sorghum – Sudan
Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
Barley/Pea Mixture
Forage Peas
King Annual Ryegrass
Martin or WGF Sorghum
Hybrid Pearl Millet
50% Peas / 50% Oats Mixture
Teff Grass (Coated and Non-coated)
Japanese Millet
BMR Sorghum – Sudan
Meadow Bromegrass
K32 Tall Fescue
Fawn Tall Fescue


LS 9703 Red Clover (3 yr)
Crimson Clover
Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
Medium Red Clover
Arrowleaf Clover
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Alsike Clover
White Dutch Clover
Ladino White Clover